Tricuspid valve endocarditis caused by Eikenella corrodens

  • Martin Tretjak General Hospital Slovenj Gradec
  • Miroslav Vujasinović General Hospital Slovenj Gradec
  • Irena Piltaver Vajdec General Hospital Slovenj Gradec
  • Andreja Pikelj Pečnik University Medical Centre Ljubjana
  • Zdenko Kikec General Hospital Slovenj Gradec
Keywords: infective endocarditis, tricuspid valve, Eikenella corrodens



Background. Infectious endocarditis of the tricuspid valve is rare in non-intravenous drug users and patients without central venous devices. The most frequent causative agents are staphylococci, rarely other bacteria.

Methods. We describe a case of a 57-year-old patient without history of drug abuse that was admitted to our hospital because of fever with chills, dry cough, loss of appetite and wasting lasting for a few months. He had a venous ulcer on the right foot and interdigital inflammation on both feet. Eikenella corrodens was isolated from blood cultures. Transthoracic echocardiography showed a large vegetation on the anterior leaflet of tricuspid valve. CT scan oh the thorax showed probable septic emboli. The patient was treated conservatively with prolonged double antibiotic regimen. During the treatment there were no further complications.

Conclusions. In our patients a rare form of tricuspid valve endocarditis was confirmed, caused by Eikenella corrodens. The possibility of infectious endocarditis should always be considered in patients with prolonged fever, especially when a possible causative agent is isolated from blood cultures.


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Author Biographies

Martin Tretjak, General Hospital Slovenj Gradec

Martin Tretjak, MD, PhD

Department of Internal Medicine

Miroslav Vujasinović, General Hospital Slovenj Gradec

Miroslav Vujasinović, MD, MSc

Department of Internal Medicine

Irena Piltaver Vajdec, General Hospital Slovenj Gradec

Irena Piltaver Vajdec, MD

Department of Microbiology

Andreja Pikelj Pečnik, University Medical Centre Ljubjana

Andreja Pikelj Pečnik, MD, PhD

Department of Infectious Diseases and Febrile Illnesses

Zdenko Kikec, General Hospital Slovenj Gradec

Zdenko Kikec, MD

Department of Internal Medicine


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