The early days of in vitro fertilization and embyotransfer (IVF-ET) in Slovenia

  • Elko Borko
  • Radovan Breznik
  • Veljko Vlaisavljević


Background: The authors describe some interesting details of the introductory period of IVFET, which lasted from 1982 to 1990, and represented the first development phase of introducing a new method of infertility treatment in Slovenia. Description: A group of experts in Ljubljana performed their first extra-corporeal fertilisation on 25 May 1983, and following four development periods, already on 5 October 1994 reported a birth of the first twins conceived with the help of the new method, thus becoming the second centre in the former Yugoslavia, which succeeded in introducing IVF-ET. At the gynecological department of Maribor General Hospital, the first embryo transfer was performed on 24 December 1983, however, it failed to result in pregnancy. Later on they were faced with several technical problems, which are described in the present article. Maribor group of experts, owing to major problems with premises, equipment and experience, reported a birth of IVFconceived twins only in 1989, and thus became the third such centre in the former Yugoslavia. Conclusion: By 1990, both centres had also won recognition in the wider European area of expertise, and reached an agreement on a single national register of children born with the help of the new method. The overview provides a detailed bibliography of the published and other documented contributions, showing how the new method of infertility treatment became established in our country.


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Borko E, Breznik R, Vlaisavljević V. The early days of in vitro fertilization and embyotransfer (IVF-ET) in Slovenia. ZdravVestn [Internet]. 1May2011 [cited 22Nov.2019];80(SUPPL). Available from:

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