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Keywords: fetal anaemia, cardiotocography, sinusoid pattern, Kleihauer-Betke test, silent CTG


Background. There are several different causes for fetomaternal haemorrhage. Sinusoidal pattern, which is relatively characteristic for fetal anaemia, may in its final stages completely disappear. Differential diagnosis of silent trace of cardiotocogram with late decelerations is quite difficult to solve.

Case report. A case of unusual injury of a pregnant woman is described. The injury led to fetomaternal haemorrhage. Typical sinusoidal pattern cardiotocogram was not seen and the differential diagnosis was hard to determine. Because of prompt intervention and efficient postnatal therapy the child and mother are both well. The dilemmas in regards to differential diagnosis are being discussed.

Conclusions. It is important to be very careful in history taking even if the situation is urgent. If there is no explanation for pathological cardiotocogram, decision must be made according to pregnant woman’s wishes. Kleihauer-Betke test, which is easy to perform and gives much information, is described.


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