The influence of noise on cardiovascular diseases

  • Janko Tominšek
  • Marjan Bilban


Background: Cardiovascular risk assessment is essential in the research of extraaural effects of noise. The thalamo-amygdaloid tract is one of the main auditory system components, leading to the sympathetic and endocrine system activation when exposed to noise. Conclusions: Noise effects on the stress hormone level do not have proven direct clinical weight on cardiovascular health. There is insufficient evidence of noise exposure consequences to an evolving cardiovascular system in children. There is also insufficient evidence of the noise impact on the mean blood pressure increase in adults. Studies on aviation noise and hypertension consistently show a relatively higher risk in more exposed areas, whereas this can not be said of the road traffic noise and hypertension prevalence relationship. Cross-section through the published studies has shown an increased risk of ischemic heart disease in people who live in areas with an average daily noise levels above 60 dBA.


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