Alcohol, aggression, and violence

  • Darja Škrila
Keywords: antisocial (dissocial) personality disorder, domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, alcohol dependence


Background: The association between alcohol and aggression has long been recognized, but the systematic research to understand the causal basis for this relationship and the processes that underlie it has only been undertaken in the past 25 years. In the article the most important mechanisms, by which alcohol affects behavior, are explained. Aggression in persons with alcohol dependence and the connection between antisocial (dissocial) personality disorder, alcohol and aggression are described. In addition different forms of aggression or violence, that have been committed under the influence of alcohol, such as inter-partner violence, sexual assault, child abuse, crime and traffic accidents are described.

Conclusions: The research findings can be used in the prevention and treatment of alcohol-related aggression.


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