Colorectal cancer in Slovenia – differences in surgical treatment and patient survival

  • Gregor Norčič
  • Stane Repše
  • Vera Pompe-Kirn
Keywords: colorectal cancer, surgery, stage at diagnosis, survival, epidemiological (population) study


Background: Colorectal cancer (CRC) is one of the most frequent malignant diseases in Slovenia. Its incidence rises constantly in the last years while the outcome of treatment is poorer than in other developed countries.

Methods: In a retrospective study we analysed 940 colorectal cancer patients diagnosed in Slovenia in 1997.

Results: Differences in outcome between the Slovenian institutions are due to different stage-distributions and differences in surgical radicality. Differences in pathohistological staging and medical oncological treatment are probably less important. The same can be said regarding some of the examples from abroad.

Conclusions: With constant and objective auditing, the improvement of all aspects of treatment can be achieved, resulting in better survival of all Slovenian colorectal cancer patients.


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