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Keywords: hand, closed reduction, external fixation


Background. In past three years we have used small

external fixator in the treatment of: 18 closed fractures of metacarpal

bones, 15 phalangeal fractures, four dislocated fractures

of MCP and five of PIP joint, ten arthrodesis, five replantations/

revascularisations, two pathological fractures, and in

few post-traumatic infection of bones and joints.

Results. Results were graded as excellent (completely normal

function), very good (15° deficit of total ROM), good (30° deficit

of total ROM; can flex the fingers to the palm), and poor.

Excellent result was obtained in the treatment of all 18 metacarpal

fractures. The final results in the treatment of 12 closed

fragmentated fractures of phalanges were as follows: excellent

3, very good 2, good 2 and five poor results (three patients

in this group have fallen on their hands causing refracture

and reoperation). Three of four fractures of MCP joint and

four of five fractures involving PIP joint have good mobility.

In eight of ten patients arthrodeses are stable and without

pain. In two cases pathological fractures were first stabilized

and than the tumor was evacuated and grafted with minimal

dissection; booth have good results.

Conclusion. Author suggests that, in selected cases, with application

of small external fixator reasonable good results can be



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