Visi deformity after wrist fracture: Case report

  • Teodor Pevec Department of surgery, Jože Potrč General Hospital of Ptuj, Ptuj, Slovenia
  • Mihael Majerič Department of surgery, Jože Potrč General Hospital of Ptuj, Ptuj, Slovenia
Keywords: radius fracture, ligaments, care, complications


Background: Distal radius fractures (fractura radii loco typico) are an everyday task for a surgeon that deals with injuries. Oftentimes complicated associated injuries of the ligamentous apparatus occur, which are hard to recognise and demand appropriate care. If such injuries remain unrecognised, they lead to more serious functional disorders, which is why the purpose of this report is to point out a rare and serious complication of distal radius fracture.
Case presentation: We report the case of a 20-year-old man who suffered a fracture of the radius and developed a serious associated ligamentous disorder that was discovered relatively late.
Conclusion: Ligamentous injuries associated with distal radius fractures represent a serious diagnostic challenge and, due to their consequences, also a serious clinical challenge. They are often hard to recognise and get discovered late. If the treatment shows no improvement, diagnostic images should be carefully analysed, and the physician should be well acquainted with relevant pathological conditions.


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