Peritoneal dialysis-associated peritonitis

  • Jurij Janež Department of Abdominal Surgery, Division of Surgery, University Medical Centre Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Žan Čebron Department of Abdominal Surgery, Division of Surgery, University Medical Centre Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Keywords: peritonitis, peritoneal dialysis, treatment, prevention


Peritoneal dialysis is used worldwide as a treatment for end-stage kidney failure. Globally, it accounts for about 11 % of all therapeutic dialysis interventions, with over 200.000 patients currently undergoing the procedure in more than 130 countries. In Slovenia, however, the percentage of patients treated by peritoneal dialysis has fallen due to the rise in renal transplantation services and the number of transplanted patients with functioning kidney graft. In 2013, patients receiving peritoneal dialysis in Slovenia accounted for only 2.5 % (52 patients) of the total number treated by renal replacement therapy (2077 patients).
A potential complication of peritoneal dialysis is peritonitis. Although in general, peritonitis-related mortality has declined significantly in the last decade (with less than 5 % of peritonitis episodes resulting in death) possibly due to improved preventive measures, peritonitis still remains a direct or major contributing cause of mortality in approximately 16 % of peritoneal dialysis patients.
In these patients, the time frame between the onset of peritonitis and the commencement of treatment critically determines the course and outcome of the disease. Peritonitis patients require urgent care, and therapeutic interventions may include conservative and/or surgical treatment protocols.
Meanwhile, it is important to emphasize that prevention of peritoneal dialysis-associated peritonitis is as important as early diagnosis and timely treatment.


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Author Biography

Jurij Janež, Department of Abdominal Surgery, Division of Surgery, University Medical Centre Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia

asist. dr. Jurij Janež, dr. med.

Klinični oddelek za abdominalno kirurgijo

Univerzitetni Klinični Center Ljublana


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