Cheek reconstruction with VY, cervicofacial and submental flap

  • Domen Vozel Department of Otorhinolaryngology and Cervicofacial Surgery, University Medical Centre Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Albin Stritar Department of Plastic Surgery and Burns, Division of Surgery, University Medical Centre Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Keywords: Facial Neoplasms, Facial Injuries, Wound Closure Techniques, Mohs Surgery, Myocutaneous Flap


The cheek occupies the largest facial area and is a common location of acquired soft-tissue defects. They are most frequently caused by trauma and skin malignomas. The latter demand radical tumour excision with safety margins and, consequentially, a significant tissue loss. Large tissue gaps cannot be covered by primary closure; therefore, we must consider the reconstruction with VY, cervicofacial or submental flap. A cervicofacial flap was used to cover gaps along the entire nasolabial fold in the first aesthetical subunit of the cheek, VY to cover large gaps in superomedial part of the first subunit, and submental to cover gaps in the second subunit. We describe in detail characteristics, flap harvest techniques, and present three clinical cases. For a better understanding of the article, we also describe aesthetical subunits, skin lines and part of the facial anatomy.


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