Why should one join a TT program? Ask a colleague! - or experience after a dozen of TT workshops

  • Živa Novak
  • Vasilij Matko Cerar
  • Zvonka Rener Primec
  • Vita Dolžan
  • Lili Steblovnik
  • Marko Hawlina


Regarding medical science and profession everybody strives to be updated. We as physicians have never, however, been trained how to train trainees, even though adult education is a continuously developing science as well. This science offers to trainers more efficient tools to teach, appraise and assess trainees in a rather short time available. We owe it to ourselves and medicine to train new specialists in such a way that they will be competent in their specialities. As trainers we can positively contribute to higher self-reflection and responsibility of trainees with introductory appraisal–it is so nice when mentor knows the CV of the trainee in advance–and with repeating the appraisal in regular intervals. The importance of solid basic knowledge and continuous assessment of theoretical knowledge, practical skills and, above all, of attitude and behaviour is stressed. The first audit cycle of Training the trainers workshops will not be completed until after some years. But what is already evident is the fact that trainers are offered positive, useful and enjoyable tools.


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