• Oskar Zupanc
  • Borut Pompe
  • Klemen Stražar


BACKGROUND In our preliminary study we described different causes of lateral elbow pain and our experiencewith arthroscopic treatment. METHODS We reported our preliminary results in our group of patients with lateral elbow paintreated by elbow arthroscopy. We focused also on morphologic elbow changes, hospitalstay and duration of rehabilitation. RESULTS We treated 40 patients with elbow pain and contracture between January 1, 2003 andDecember 31, 2006 and 30 of them had lateral elbow pain. The average age of the patientswas 38 years (12–55 years). In 10 patients the cause for elbow pain was chronic synovitisdue to rheumatoid arthritis, in 11 resistant lateral epicondylitis, in 6 osteochondral lesion of the olecranon, in 6 degenerative changes on the posterolateral side of the elbow, in 4loose bodies, in one osteoid osteoma, osteochondritis of the capitellum humeri and arthrofibrosisof the elbow after fracture of the radial head. In most of them (26) range of movementof the elbow was normal and they have no pain 2 years after arthroscopic treatment.3 of them with osteochondral lesion had 5 degrees and patient after arthroscopic arthrolysisafter radial head fracture had 15 degrees elbow contracture. CONCLUSIONS Arthroscopic treatment of the lateral elbow pain has been proved to be very effectiveespecially in younger population and in patients with early elbow osteoarthritis. The lengthof hospital stay is reduced. However, the length of rehabilitation depends on the stage ofelbow osteoarthritis and extensiveness of the arthroscopic intervention


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Zupanc O, Pompe B, Stražar K. ARTHROSCOPIC TREATMENT OF THE LATERAL ELBOW PAIN –OUR EXPERIENCE. ZdravVestn [Internet]. 1Jan.2008 [cited 16Sep.2019];77(1). Available from:
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