• Pavel Skok
  • Davorin Ćeranić
  • Ekaterina Genslitskaya


BACKGROUND Acute pancreatitis is a disease with variable involvement of peripancreatic tissue anddistal organs. Approximately 80 % of patients have mild form of the disease, edematouspancreatitis, while 15–20 % of patient develop necrotising pancreatitis with variouscomplications. The aim of the study was to determine the etiology of the disease and toevaluate treatment in a prospective, cohort study.Patients and Enrolled were patients with acute pancreatitis treated in the period from January 1, 2005methods to October 30, 2007. The diagnosis of was based on characteristic clinical signs andsymptoms, three-fold elevation of serum amylase/lipase level and positive evidence inimaging studies. RESULTS In the study were included 121 patients, av. age 55.6 years, SD ± 16.9. The majority of themwere men, 60 % (72/121), female 40 % (49/121). The predominant etiology was identifiedas gallstones in 52 % and alcohol in 18 %. In 14 % of patients the etiology of the diseasecould not be identified. According to Ranson criteria, the majority of patients, 84.3 % had amild form of acute pancreatitis, while 15.7 had a severe form of this disease. The treatmentwas not successful in 4/121 patients, 3.3 % of patients died due to multiorgan failure. In3 patients, 2.5 % a complication, a pseudocyst of the gland formed. CONCLUSIONS Modern treatment of patients with acute pancreatitis has significantly reduced thecomplication rate and improved the outcome. Among our patients gallstones are the mostimportant cause of acute pancreatitis followed by alcohol abuse


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