• Veronika Kragelj
  • Dejan Georgijev
  • Zvezdan Pirtošek
  • Samo Ribarič


Tremor is one of the most common disorders in the population of patients diagnosed with movement disorders. In the literature we find several classifications and different types of tremors. Each tremor type has its own characteristics. The most frequently used and widely accepted tremor classification divides tremors according to clinical appearance. First, they are roughly divided into resting tremor and action tremor. Action tremor is then subdivided into postural, kinetic, intention, task specific and isometric tremor. Different types of tremor are further combined into tremor syndromes. Causes and mechanisms of tremor are still unclear. Tremor genesis is explained by four hypothetical mechanisms and one of them is assumed to be dominant for each type of tremor. Correct tremor recognition and diagnosis is necessary for appropriate treatment of tremor patients.


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