Uniform postgraduate studies at the Faculty of medicine in Ljubljana

  • Igor Švab
  • Ana Plemenitaš
  • Samo Ribarič
  • Igor Kopač


In the academic year 2009/2010 the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana launched a new curriculum in medicine and dental medicine. It consists of a unified masters’ programme, prepared along the lines of the Bologna process. Its aims include continuous learning, integration of subjects, unification of the teaching process, introduction of electives, active role of students, implementation of more modern teaching methods and contact with patients and practice already from the beginning of the study. The article describes the process of implementation, main characteristics of the curriculum and first experiences. The first results show that the changes were successful. Nevertheless, the authors point out that the curriculum reform is a long-term process that is not limited only to the modifications of the timetable, but influences a range of other activities of the medical faculty.


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Švab I, Plemenitaš A, Ribarič S, Kopač I. Uniform postgraduate studies at the Faculty of medicine in Ljubljana. ZdravVestn [Internet]. 1Jan.2012 [cited 22Aug.2019];81(1). Available from: https://vestnik.szd.si/index.php/ZdravVest/article/view/826

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