Cycling and erectile dysfunction

  • Ina Šibli Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana, Vrazov trg 2, 1000 Ljubljana
  • Marjan Bilban Institute of Occupational Safety, Chengdujska cesta 25, 1260 Ljubljana-Polje
  • Bojan Tršinar Department of Urology, University Medical Centre of Ljubljana, Zaloška 7, 1000 Ljubljana
Keywords: cycling, erectile dysfunction, perineal pressure, saddle


Abstract: For many years medical studies have implicated bicycle riding is causing erectile dysfunction (ED) in association with higher perineal pressure. This review focuses upon epidemiological studies assesing the impact of cycling on ED, pathogenesis of ED in cyclists  as well as on research considering changes of perineal pressure, hemodynamics, and nerve conduction when cycling. Investigestors were also interested in different saddle sizes, materials and geometry and also in the impact of saddle and riders position on changes to the perineum. Research on female cyclists is very limited but indicates similar genitourinary disorders as in male cyclists. We also review  research on preventative and therapeutic options regarding bicycle riding and ED.


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