Questionnaire for the management of the victim of sexual abuse

  • Iztok Takač
  • Tina Bizjak
  • Darja Arko
Keywords: sexual assault, questionnaire, victim of sexual assault


Caring for victims of sexual assault demands of the physician a precise physical examination, provision of evidence, psychological support and appropriate treatment. Because the majority of victims of sexual violence are women, we usually encounter these patients in gynecological clinics. If the evidence is collected and stored properly, with special forensic methods we can distinguish between any two persons in the world, except identical twins. Therefore, patient’s history and taking evidence is of utmost importance. In the case of sexual assault, infection with sexually transmitted diseases is possible, so they should be diagnosed and treated in time. The victim should be offered the use of emergency contraception, which is only effective in the first days after sexual assault. To make sure that each step of the examination is completed and all samplings are done in the correct order, it is useful to have a written questionnaire or a routine protocol. We describe stepby- step management procedures for victims of sexual assault, taking into consideration the victim’s history, physical examination, different samplings, and different emergency treatments.


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Takač I, Bizjak T, Arko D. Questionnaire for the management of the victim of sexual abuse. ZdravVestn [Internet]. 1Jun.2013 [cited 22Aug.2019];82(5). Available from:

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